NZDPU User Manual & Demo Video

The User Manual and Demo Video provide guidance on how to use key features of the NZDPU.

NZDPU Core Data Model

This document contains the NZDPU Core Data Model structure and field list.

Download NZDPU Core Data Model
NZDPU Data Guide

This document contains supporting guidance for users navigating the data on the NZDPU. It includes definitions for all fields in the NZDPU Core Data Model. This content can also be found on the Guide on each data page.

View NZDPU Data Guide
Data Model Rationale

This document summarizes the considerations of the NZDPU during the development of the NZDPU Core Data Model and includes reference to the standards incorporated within the data model.

View data model rationale
Data Model Quality Framework

Coming Soon: Document detailing the quality checks built into the NZDPU as well as future considerations for year-on-year consistency checks.

API Documentation

NZDPU offers free and open APIs for data query and download capabilities. Register for a free NZDPU account to request an API access token.